Drilling turbines

Turbinenbohren Entrance 15°
Turbinenbohren Exit 15°

In the production of turbines, lamp-pumped, pulsed Nd: YAG lasers are one of the most important means of production.  The LASAG laser systems also process the hardest materials using the latest technology and are market leaders in percussion drilling and trepanning.

However, the demands for quality and efficiency are increasing constantly. This means that, in the area of laser drillings, the requirements for process speed with simultaneously reduced thermal charges and damage to materials are becoming ever higher.

With LASAG lasers it is no problem to percussion drill materials such as ceramic-coated, nickel-based alloys up to a depth of 40 mm. In addition, different drilling angles of up to 15° can be set.

The typical drilling laser for the turbine industry is the LASAG FLS A.