Laser Processing Head PH30-compact

Compact and light weight processing head,
robust, ergonomic and industry proven design.

The FLBK40 is optimized for industrial applications where space is limited and minimum moving masses are required. With a large variety of collimators and focusing lenses the FLBK40 can be adapted to various cutting, welding or drilling applications. The optionally integrated IR illumination guarantees an excellent viewing quality independent of the surrounding light conditions.

  • Built to deliver maximum precision in medical, electronics, watch and other micro applications.
  • Based on the industry proven FLBK60 Lasag developed a compact and light weight processing head for standard industrial applications.
  • Minimum weight starting from 1,1 kg
  • Flexible high precision laser processing head for welding, cutting, drilling or scribing applications.
  • Robust, ergonomic and industry proven design. 

Technical Specifications FLBK 40

Wavelength1055 - 1070 nm
Power Rating≤ 3000 W
Laser interfaceQB fiber connector
Focal length welding50, 100, 150, 200 mm
Focal length cutting100, 150 mm
Collimator focal length50, 100, 150 mm
Weight (dependent on configuration)1.1 - 2.5 kg
Focal spot diameter> 10 μm
Range+/- 5 mm
Accuracy0.01 mm
Focussing range+/- 10 mm
Camera adapterC-Mount
Assist gas supply
Connectionpush-in fitting, Ø 6 mm
Max. pressure20 bar
0° beam guidance instead of 90° (standard)
C-Mount adapter for CCD cameras (BNC or USB interface)
Internal IR light source