Area of application

The LLBK 26 processing heads have been specifically developed for precision welding in narrow and demanding industrial environments, specifically for applications in press and stamping tools


The products in the LLBK 26 series are compact, oil-tight and vibration-resistant processing heads for the processing of micro material. Processing optics prealigned in the factory make subsequent aligning unnecessary and enable real plug & play.

Standard features

  • Clamping diameter 26 mm
  • Micro-precise plug-in connector to the fiber optic
  • Suitable for fiber optic diameters of 100 µm to 600 µm
  • Imaging ratio of the fiber diameter 1:1 or 1:0.6
  • Spot diameter of 600 µm to 60 µm
  • Variety of collimation and focusing optics
  • Prealigned in x/y/z to +/-0.2 mm


  • Integrated interlock connector
  • Additional sealing of fiber connector
  • Gas nozzles with gas pressure of up to 18 bar