Area of application

The LLBK 60 processing heads have been developed for precision processing for welding, cutting, and drilling where the demands for viewing quality are high.


Due their modular design, excellent observation qualities, and diverse lighting options, the LLBK 60 are designed for a variety of specific applications.

Standard features

  • Clamping diameter 60 mm
  • Micro-precise plug-in connector to the fiber optic
  • Suitable for fiber optic diameters of 100 µm to 600 µm
  • Imaging ratio of fiber diameter up to 1 : 0.25
  • Spot diameter of 4.8 mm to a minimum of 25 µm
  • Variety of collimation and focusing optics as well as gas nozzles


  • Beam deflection unit
  • Zoom for variable spot diameter
  • High-quality mono, stereo, and camera observation with magnification factor 3 … 100x
  • Ring illumination with quadrant control or coaxial fiber illumination
  • Light blocker