BAK4 processing head

Area of application

The BAK 4 was designed for precision processing with a conventional beam, e.g. for cutting, welding, drilling, removing material, deep engraving. Due to the variety of applications, it has a variety of uses ranging from micro-processing to applications with an average power of 1.2kW.


  • By using the industrial assembly plate, the processing head can be used with all LASAG lasers with conventional beam guidance.
  • The light and compact construction enables easy access to the tool. The simple control and switching between nozzles, protective glass, and lenses make the BAK extremely easy to use and service-friendly.

Standard features

  • Deflection head, can be tilted ±95°
  • Interface plate with gas valve
  • Focus adjustment with lens
  • Nozzle installation with protective glass
  • Monocular with focus adjustment device
  • Focal lengths F=50mm / 100mm / 150mm / 300mm


  • Binocular
  • C-mount adapter for camera
  • CCD TV camera
  • Incident light source or ring light
  • Collision protection
  • Customer-specific processing heads