Fiber laser processing head for point, seam, or segment welding

Rotating laser processing
Ideal for automation solutions, tablet production, transfer lines, pulse tables and monorail systems
Simplified workpiece handling
Modular design for different areas of application
Protective gas nozzles included 
100% reproducible settings due to micrometer screw

  • Application type: Welding of round seams (ideal for serial production)
  • Diameter ranges: 0-27/25-47 and 45-67mm
  • Rotation speed: 5 - 300 U/min
  • Incidence angle: 45°, 30°, 15° (to vertical)
  • Spot sizes: 50 - 1000 µm
  • Lens: F100/F150
  • Compatibility with the following laser sources: FLS CL, LFS, QFS, SLS, and also the Rofin-Baasel laser sources Starfiber and Starpulse