Multi FLBK

The double, triple and quadruple LASAG processing heads of the FLBK 60 open up new opportunities in material processing.

The Multi-FLBK processing head sets a new milestone in productivity: by splitting the energy up to four identical products can be manufactured in a single operation. 

In combination with the LFS 150 and the LFS 300 fiberlaser, this highly productive and compact system can easily be integrated even in existing machines.

Technical Specifications:

  • Energy variation between outputs: < 2%
  • Vertical deviation between : < 0.1mm
  • Individual focus adjustment of each output
  • Camera or monocular for viewing
  • 50-100 W average power per output, depending LFS OEM model
  • no focus shift
  • Service-friendly, easy-to-change protective window
  • Standard collimation lengths: F150 
  • Standard focus lengths: F 100 / F150 
  • Weight: 15-25kg (depending on number of outputs)