FLS CL – pulsed Nd:YAG laser

Lasers in the FLS CL-series are flexible devices with high average and peak power for cutting and drilling with high processing speeds. As a result of their high power, they are ideal for batteries and solar panel welding applications.

Typical applications and markets

  • Point and seam welding of sophisticated materials and material combinations
  • High-speed SHADOW applications
  • Single-pulse contour welding
  • Multiple applications for the job shop

Technical features

  • Beam control via optical fibers and / or conventional optics
  • Unique RTPS technology
  • Optical fiber beam control with up to 4 outlets, fiber diameter from 400 – 600 µm
  • Integrated beam switch for Time and Energy Sharing of the optical fiber beam control
  • Unique RTPS technology with outstanding pulse-to-pulse stability of up to 0.5%
  • High pulse energies & pulse lengths of up to 200 ms
  • Pulse power control, high-resolution pulse forming, pulse-on-demand, power burst
  • Unique RTPS technology with real-time check of important system parameters such as power reserves and lamp lifetime
  • Control and monitoring of each individual laser pulse with selection option
  • High duty cycle of up to 90%
  • Multiple interface options and user-friendly laser control. Simple  integration in existing or new production installations.

Technical Specifications

  • Average power max. 500 W
  • Pulse duration 0.2 – 200 ms
  • Pulse frequency 0.1 - 1,000 Hz
  • Pulse energy, max. 110 J
  • Peak power, max. 16 kW