KLS – pulsed Nd:YAG laser

As a result of the outstanding beam quality and the high pulse power, the KLS laser series can be used in particular for fine cutting, drilling, scribing, and precision welding as well as for multiple applications. With the modular structure, 6 different designs are available.

Typical applications and markets

Technical features

  • Outstanding beam quality with high pulse power
  • Direct beam control, optical fiber option with up to 6 outlets
  • Compact design and modular structure
  • Universal interfaces
  • Simple integration in the production environments

Technical Specifications

  • Average power max. 15 - 250 W
  • Pulse duration 0.012 – 20 ms
  • Pulse frequency, max. 5000 Hz
  • Pulse energy, max. 50 J
  • Pulse power max. 6 kW