2018 Since June 18th, 2018 Rofin-Lasag AG has been officially renamed to Coherent Switzerland
2016 Since November 8, 2016 Lasag has been part of the Coherent Group
2014 40 year company anniversary of LASAG AG. Since the 4th of March 1974 LASAG has been offering laser system solutions and is therefore the oldest member of the ROFIN group
2013 Market launch of compact, maintenance-free and highly efficient precision welding and cutting lasers LFS150 OEM.
With the innovative Triple FLBK FC, the product range of LASAG processing heads was expanded to include a high-performance precision triple head which cuts three workpieces at the same time
2012 Development of the LLDROP (Fiber Laser Processing Head) for highly productive circular welding (spot, seam, and segment welding)
Market launch of FLS CL Highpower for point and seam welding applications with significantly reduced operating costs and improved application results
2011 Change of company name from LASAG AG to ROFIN-LASAG AG
Market presentation of SLS GX 1500 GreenMix Laser for the reliable copper welding of micro-contacts in the electronics industry using a patented wavelength mixture of IR and green laser beams
2010 Since October 15, 2010 Lasag has been part of the Rofin-Sinar Technologies Group. As a result, Rofin-LASAG gained access to the global sales and service network and the internal technology pool of the Rofin Group.
Market launch of the FLS A for drilling and cutting applications, particularly suited to the processing of turbine blades with low operating costs and more efficient maintenance due to new software.
2009 Market launch of the CFS – fiber laser complete solution
Market launch of the PWS workstation
2008 Lasag Italy – with the new premises in Sesto Calende, the provision of services for Italian customers was significantly improved
2007 Market launch of the DQS200 diode-pumped short pulse Nd:YAG laser drilling system for high-precision drilling in the automotive industry and for micro-mechanical applications
Market launch of the KLS246 MC20 for precision laser cutting of thin sheets and thin-walled tubes
Market launch of the SLS 200 CL8, a pulsed fiber optic laser in the very successful and industrially proven EasyWelder assembly group. The SLS 200 CL8 was developed specifically for highly reproducible micro-welding connections
Opening of the LASAG service subsidiary in Sesto Calende, Italy
2006 Market presentation of a diode-pumped high-precision laser solution in the area of micro-processing for drilling holes with a high aspect ratio
2005 Market launch of the SLS 200 CL in the Easy Welder laser series with enhanced options for precision welding using fiber optic technology for spot, seam, and SHADOW welding
2004 Market launch of EasyWelder, a new Swiss-quality solid state laser series which had been developed specifically to simplify the precision welding of spot and seam welding
Market launch of the FLS 542C for precision welding at high speed and with a high penetration depth. Spot and seam welding of sophisticated materials and material combinations
2003 Market launch of welding LightWare™, a brand name registered to LASAG for solutions in the area of precision laser welding
SHADOW, a new high-speed welding process which was the first to be introduced worldwide on an industrial basis Market launch of the new LLBK 26 & LLBK 60 fiber optic processing heads and also the EasyWeld database
2002 LASAG achieves ISO 9001:2000 certification as per SQS and TÜV
Relocation of LASAG AG (Thun, Switzerland) to a larger, company-owned building with excellent possibilities for future enhancements
Market launch of the FLS542C for the IMTS Show, Chicago (USA) and subsequent expansion of the FLS series with pulse power-controlled laser sources for maximum possible reproducibility of seam and point welding
2000 Market launch of new, compact model series SLS 200 C for precision welding
1999 Market introduction of the diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser
Opening of the sales and service subsidiary in Pforzheim, Germany
1998 New model series SLS 200 as compact lasers
New LASAG laser control NLS
1997 Market launch of model series KLS 246 for precision processing
1996 Entered automotive market with the laser scribing technology on connecting rods
Opening of the LASAG service subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan
1994 New model series FLS introduced as a flexible laser system with IP54 power supply
1992 Focus of LASAG activities on pulsed Nd:YAG. laser sources for material processing. Sale of medical lasers to HAAG-STREIT AG
Market launch of model series SLS as fiber optic laser with a low average power
1990 LASAG receives SQS-ISO 9001 certification
Development of the pulsed model series HLS with average power of up to 1000 watts
1989 Market launch of multi-axis processing system VEGA
1988 Introduction of beam delivery using optical fibers for material processing
Development of first Nd:YAG SLAB Lasers
1987 New laser generation KLS with average power of up to 500 watts
1985 New laser source presented for drilling medical surgical needles
1984 LASAG Corporation (USA), Chicago founded with Sales, Service, and Application Laboratory
1980 Market launch of 5-axis laser machines for drilling components for aircraft turbines
1978 Market launch of medical solid state lasers (ophthalmology)
1976 First pulsed Nd:YAG Laser for welding applications in electronics industry
1974 Establishment of LASAG AG as a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASUAG Manufacture of lasers for drilling watch stones
1972 Laser Development Center established in Thun with the aim of developing laser technology for material processing (drilling, cutting, welding)
1965 The company Watch Stones AG in Thun, Switzerland, which produces ruby stones for watch bearings, awarded the University of Bern (Institute for Applied Physics) a research contract for drilling watch stones using laser technology which is synonymous with the start of laser activities in Switzerland