Soon after the birth of the modern automobile at the end of the 19th century, the automotive market was already experiencing a significant upturn with the mass production of the motor car.

Continuous further development of automobiles with regard to performance combined with reduced consumption and environmental aspects employs millions of people around the world.

Over many years, LASAG has gained an outstanding reputation as a supplier of laser systems for the automotive industry. This is based on active support for our customers with regard to the optimization of existing production processes and the processing of new materials. As a result, LASAG manages their own product and process developments and has registered the patents for many of them.

Our lasers and processing heads are used for material processing in high-tech segments such as Formula 1 and also in the mass production of series vehicles.

LASAG lasers are market leaders in scribing for creating notches on connecting rods and they are used by the majority of leading automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. A further important application is precision laser drilling for the micro-processing of fuel and air filters.

In addition, LASAG is active in highly specialized niches. This includes the welding of cylinder head sealants and high-performance materials such as titanium.